24 februari: It’s All Mental, episode #2



The impact of culture (or gender) on mental health is less recognized if we talk about mental health. The lack of openness on mental health in general and in particular within Asian Dutch communities, makes this a topic even unknown and less discussed in general.

At PAC’s first It’s All Mental event journalist Janet Lie opened up about the fact that women, and particular women of colour, have been misdiagnosed or dismissed regarding for example ADHD. Our second guest psychologist and writer Anita Hubner proved that stigma around mental health can be broken, and old-fashioned perspectives should not be the norm.

By literally moving around the room, transcultural coach Phuong Ngo made the audience feel the uncomfortness of (micro)migration. Teaching us that being female, and having a migration background (even if you are born here) impacts your personal self and your being intensively.

Culture and identity has an impact on our perspectives on mental health. At our next episode of It’s All Mental, we continue the conversation of opening up topics on mental health, with new speakers, new stories and insights on mental health. Be prepared for another insightful, interactive show with our host Wing-Yan Man of 3310 School for Millenials.

Our guests include amongst others:

  • Kevin Groen, a behavioral expert, D&I coach and spoken word artist whom himself has openly talked about mental health.
  • Francis Roring, wants to short documentary about her moms suicide.
  • Zhi Li, a GZ psychologist and founder of Access to Health, a platform to help expats and international students to find their way in the Dutch healthcare systems.
  • Spoken word by Jowi Kemper


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